Posted by: Monroe | June 19, 2009

Update 6-19-09

Sittin' in the Grass

Sittin' in the Grass

I was out in the backyard with Dad yesterday while he pulled weeds (“there’s too many,” he says) and I love sitting in the tall grass, which he says there’s too much of, too (he hates cutting grass).
He got some nice pictures of me doing my favorite thing, which I don’t have to describe since you’ve already gotten an earful of that.

Mint Hunting I

Mint Hunting I

Mint Hunting II - Closer Inspection

Mint Hunting II - Closer Inspection

And then some dessert (not that I found anything…Dad got me out of the mint because I was crushing it and it’s his favorite herb), so I looked under the bench to eat some grass. Grass is a breath-freshener, you know.

Grass Hunting for Dessert

Grass Hunting for Dessert

Thunder chased me back inside, not Dad. We’ve been getting way too much rain and Dad says some of the flowers just aren’t blooming enough and some others are loving the rain, so I don’t know what is problem is: the yard is beautiful, anyway!
Inside, I got me over on my back, which I do to scratch an itch. I haven’t been able to do that since my surgery and he was so surprised to see me roll over onto it!

Cute Side

Cute Side

He and Spencer call it my “cute side.” I am darn cute, aren’t I? (Well they think so….yea, and a few others, too!)

This post is just a short one.

Oh, yeah, I’m feeling pretty good but I’m still limping a bit on my left front side. Just a pulled muscle, I think. Gotta keep up with Dad in that department, y’know! My back is healing but it has a ways to go. I sure do want to climb the stairs to the second floor and chase the squirrels and cats from next door…but that’s a No-no. I give Dad and Spencer sad eyes but they just aren’t gonna fall for that!

Whoa! I gotta go….there’s one of them now!

See ya next time!

Portrait in the Barn

Portrait in the Barn

(That was taken on my first winter at the old house up in the canyon…but I was lookin’ at something. Maybe I was looking for you then, too.)



  1. we’ve never gone mint hunting before. could be fun…

    • It’s a rewarding art…and aromatic, too!

  2. I am glad to see that Monroe is feeling better. Does he smell minty now?

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